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The Five W's


- Who uses VueTel Network?

Initially VueTel Network was designed to meet the needs of the hearing impared and home users that want to stay intouch face to face with family and friends around the Globe...such as grand parents living far away and wanting to see grand children that are to far to visit on a regular basis, parents wanting to stay visually connected to children off to colledge or that elderly person that still prefers the independance of living alone, but also enjoys that added security and mental comfort of knowing someone is just a visual call away if ever needed or when simply needing to see a friendly face to keep them company without having to leave the comforts of thier own home. However! Now, we have seen the growth of VueTel expand across a wide range of users interests from frequent business travelers that want to stay connected with their families...great for those nights you just arent able to be there and tuck the little ones least you can now see them and talk to them. Tele Doctors, Educational uses such as Global tutoring, even vanactioners enjoy the use of VueTel Network while away to keep an eye on homes security or just to make sure there aren't any unauthorized parties taking place while they are away!


- Why use VueTel Network?

With the ability to take your VuTel phone with you and the added bonus of never having to worry about Roaming fees, the VueTel Network Service is your most convienient and cost affective solution to visual communications ever!...and the last two are probably the bigest reasons of all.

The Huge savings gained from using the VueTel Service...and The complete enjoyment of being able to communicate with family, friends and loved ones around the Globe face to face!

- What is VueTel?

 VueTel Newtwork Service is the Visual Communications Solution to making long distance, cost affective calls around the Globe.


- Where can VueTel Network be used?
As long as you have internet or WiFi access, VueTel will work for you anywhere around the Globe. With our new WiFi Moble Phone, you will see that VueTel truly is "The Global Network!"

Click here to see our New WiFi Moble Phone and get your VueTel Network service today!



- When should someone join VueTel Network?

If you've read the above four "W", you now see the 5th and final "W" explains itself and the question now becomes...When would YOU like to start saving with VueTel Network?

If you've come to the same conclution as many other happy VueTel Network users, then simply click below.



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